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Reel Breakdown
Maya, Katana, Houdini, Nuke used on the following productions:


  • Houdini rig used for beam, lightning, smoke and sparks.
  • Maya particles used for debris motion. Final geometry was attached at render time.
  • Maya used for background fire and portal elements.



  • Maya particle and volumes for multiple breath shots.
  • Flowline cache offset for splash shot.
  • Additional work on a show with a pending release date.


  • Wrote internal workflow documentation for Houdini rigs and Katana in the production pipeline.
  • Worked directly with Senior Artists to test Houdini fire, interaction and rigid body rigs.


Rigid Body Destruction:

  • Houdini project with multiple fracture types including bools and Voronoi.
  • Intricate custom Glue and Constraint system to simulate material failure strength patterns.
  • Multiple RBD simulations where completed simulation data fed into additional simulations.
  • Reference used as a blueprint for the final look.


Procedural Geometry:

  • Houdini procedural workflow.
  • Art directed noise pattern used for both placement and height.
  • Most point attributes transferred to lines and final geo placed on lines.
  • Bark and pebble systems utilized lookup curves for random variation in scale and rotation.
  • Reference used as a blueprint for the final look.


Crowd System:

  • Custom Houdini setup that used a particle system to define movement direction and velocity.
  • Geometry assigned to point ID procedurally.
  • Geometry animation of a single agent with the resulting movement data fed into CHOPS, and assigned a custom output per agent based on particle ID velocity.